• I'm a (course creator, consultant, creative director, brand designer, brand strategist, agency, studio, or marketer). Can I use what I've learned through your courses for my own clients?

    No, we do not allow the re-purposing of our educational materials whatsoever. Our educational materials, process, framework, and methodologies are proprietary to The Luxury Brand Academy and Nouveau Creative Agency. Therefore, in order to use our materials with your own clients or customers, it would require a special license from us to do so. Every course purchase only allows access to the course per account and is designed to be used directly by you for your own business only. If you think your clients would benefit from our courses, please refer them to enroll in the course themselves. Amarilis shares her knowledge, expertise, and experience of 15+ years along with some of our agency's methodologies to help business owners who may not otherwise be able to afford to hire an agency. By respecting our work, and not sharing our materials, we can continue to help people without hurting our agency and academy. Thank you for playing fair and respecting our work!

  • When can I enroll and how long do I have access to the course?

    Unless otherwise stated, you can enroll anytime! Every purchase comes with continued access to the course for as long as the course is available and The Luxury Brand Academy is open and in business. You may access the course content as often as you like, and whenever you want. Whenever the course is updated, you will be able to access the updated content for as long as the course is available. The course may be discontinued for any reason (it has become out-of-date or has been replaced by a newer course), however we will send a courtesy email to let enrolled students know that the course will be discontinued. Some courses may have a suggested timeline for completion, but every course is self-paced unless stated otherwise.

  • Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?

    No, but thanks for asking! Due to the digital nature of our learning material, all courses on The Luxury Brand Academy are non-refundable. We spend a lot of time designing each course thoughtfully and intentionally to bring you the best learning experience we can offer. Please review the course curriculum and description before enrolling. Many times there are free preview lessons you can view to help you decide whether the course is right for you. If you are still unsure about the course, please email us [email protected]. All physical products such as books and accessories are also non-refundable.

  • Will you be available to answer questions if I get stuck?

    We are not available on-demand to answer questions, however every course purchase comes with access to The Luxury Brand Academy private online Facebook Group community where you can interact with fellow students of the course. Be sure to check for scheduled Q&A sessions within the group. In addition, some courses may have the discussions thread feature enabled where you can post a comment or question within each lesson of a chapter. Answers to each question within the course discussion threads is not guaranteed, but popular questions may be addressed in the facebook group through a scheduled Q&A session. We encourage you to join our facebook group as many students find it helpful for feedback, questions, collaborations, and inspiration.